Monday, November 17, 2008

Joshua Wilderness Institute at The Well

Last night we had a huge group at The Well. Typically we have anywhere from 90 to 100 students, but last night we had an additional 40 or so. We had a group from Hume Lake come down and join us. It was really cool to have everyone packed into our little room. The students were from a program called the Joshua Wilderness Institute. It's a 9 month program where the students leave home and stay up at Hume. The program requires the students to make some pretty serious commitments regarding music, movies, and dating, among other things. It is described as "a 9 month fast from the world". It was also nice to see my friend Dominique who, as some of you already know, has committed to the program. Please keep the "Joshua" students in your prayers. I can't imagine the personal discipline required to stay committed!

Also, there is a link to Dominique's blog under "My Friends" section. She periodically posts updates and prayer requests.

If you want to learn more about Joshua Wilderness: