Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Shack

I finally gave in and read "The Shack". I don't usually run out and read popular Christian literature (I learned that lesson with "The Purpose Driven Life") but so many students had been asking me how I felt about it so I wanted to be able to give them my opinion. I went into it with a very critical mind mostly because I had been given very mixed reviews from several sources that I respect. After reading it I was actually pleasantly surprised. I would say that it has a lot of good but also a lot of dangerous content. While I definitely still think a lot of the author's theology was flawed, I think "The Shack" serves the author's intent to make people long for the presence of God in their lives'. The story is absolutely gut wrenching. I found myself in tears several times and not really knowing why but it really is THAT powerful.

Now for the negatives. I felt that at times the author painted a very irreverent, unbiblical, and inaccurate picture of God's character. While he did a fantastic job of showing God's love for us, he failed to show the other side of the coin and as a result, depicted a very "user friendly/God is whoever you want him to be" God. Very dangerous!

Overall, I would definitely recommend "The Shack". You definitely have to take it for what it is and really stay focused on the author's original intent. If you go into it expecting a theologically sound book you will be disappointed. If you want to read a book that brings comfort and goes a long way in helping us understand God's love, this is the book for you.


Dan Van said...

Weren't you the one who said that Rick Warren is the modern day CS Lewis?

Josh Boyd said...

haha...i believe what you say i said and what i actually said are two very different things. . .